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About 'Tron: Legacy'

Tron: Legacy is the official soundtrack and film score to the Disney film of the same name. It was released 6 December 2010 on the Walt Disney Records label.

  1. "Overture" 2:28
  2. "The Grid" 1:37
  3. "The Son of Flynn" 1:35
  4. "Recognizer" 2:38
  5. "Armory" 2:03
  6. "Arena" 1:33
  7. "Rinzler" 2:18
  8. "The Game Has Changed" 3:25
  9. "Outlands" 2:42
  10. "Adagio for Tron" 4:11
  11. "Nocturne" 1:42
  12. "End of Line" 2:36
  13. "Derezzed" 1:44
  14. "Fall" 1:23
  15. "Solar Sailer" 2:42
  16. "Rectifier" 2:14
  17. "Disc Wars" 4:11
  18. "C.L.U." 4:39
  19. "Arrival" 2:00
  20. "Flynn Lives" 3:22
  21. "Tron Legacy (End Titles)" 3:18
  22. "Finale" 4:23



Those expecting a thumping club soundtrack, rather than the rousing score they actually deliver, will enjoy "TRON: Legacy (End Credits)"; where blippy distortion rides a dance beat while still maintaining the central theme. The clanging house rhythm and twirling, washed-out synth of "Derezzed" are probably more along the lines of what most will expect here, but it is the distorted hammering beat and fuzzy vibe enhancing the strings on "The Game Has Changed" that show off their work here best. While not the neon-clodhopper you might expect, Daft Punk does an excellent job crafting a triumphant yet measured score that captures the spirit of the Tron world exceptionally well. - IGN Music

The music Daft Punk created for Tron: Legacy is a near-perfect blend of electronic-meets-orchestra. The heavy electronic pieces (especially the two mentioned above) are used in perfect context within in the film, and the orchestral passages fit the scenes they were built for in the same manner. What is even more exciting to hear are tracks like "Rinzler" and "Arrival" where the French duo and a 90-piece orchestra combine to create a new, magical sound for Tron. This isn't just a mash-up of styles either. This is more. It's well thought out, well executed, and sounds frankly amazing. Hardcore soundtrack aficionados with a love for Vangelis' Blade Runner soundtrack or the numerous film scores of Tangerine Dream will identify immediately with Tron: Legacy. Despite her being completely absent from the production, there are even subtle nods to ideas and motifs created by Wendy Carlos for the original Tron soundtrack. - G4TV

To be sure, the Tron: Legacy Soundtrack is very solid, and it even has moments of greatness. One of the main high-water marks for an album, though, is how often you'll want to listen to it, and, to be honest, I can't see this being in heavy rotation. The brevity of the tracks is a major issue here; many of the best pieces clock in at a scant minute and a half, leaving the listener almost more deprived than before. It stings worse, it seems, to be teased by a moment of good music than to lack it altogether. - Consequence of Sound