About The Fanlistings

What's a fanlisting? Simply enough, a fanlisting is a website that lists fans of a certain subject. There is a fanlisting for pretty much anything you can think of, and they are listed by categories, such as Albums, Movies, and even Places. Check out TFL for more information.

About the Relationship

The age-old battle between the last two Time Lords has been going on through much of the Doctor Who series (since season eight in 1971, during the first round of Doctor Who). These children of Gallifrey have battled through space and time, the Master seeking to control the universe, the Doctors trying to stop him.

"They were very good friends," (John) Simm said. "So I see it as though they're kind of really, really emotionally attached. They're the only two of their kind left in the whole universe. They've got each other. and that is it. And if anyone can cure the Master and cure this noise in his head, it's the Doctor. They're the same person, more or less. There's a real connection there. It's just a shame that they're ... um ... mortal enemies. That's why they're mortal enemies, because they ... you know, it's like Cain and Abel."