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About Raiders of the Lost Ark

The serial-based adventure-action film, set in 1936, opened with a thrilling, action-packed sequence - the American hero Dr. Indiana "Indy" Jones (Harrison Ford) was in a South American rainforest jungle on an expedition with two Spanish Peruvians: traitorous Satipo (Alfred Molina) and Barranca (Vic Tablian) as guides, to find a hidden temple with an artifact treasure hidden within a cave. After entering, they set off various booby traps (a poisoned dart) and a spiked gate revealed the corpse of a previous dead explorer victim named Forrestal. Inside was a small altar with a tiny golden idol that Indy retrieves, but its retrieval triggered further traps, including an opening floor. Indy eventually escaped from the cave (after being chased by a huge boulder), but Satipo lost his life after betraying Indy. At the mouth of the cave, arch-rival French archaeologist Rene Belloq (Paul Freeman) takes the idol, as Indy escapes to an awaiting seaplane, where he expressed his life-long fear of snakes.

In the next scene, archaeology professor Dr. Jones lectures to students at a university. Marcus Brody (Denholm Elliott), the curator of the National Museum in Washington, informed Indy that US Army Intelligence agents were there to enlist him for another mission/search, to compete against Nazi leader Adolph Hitler in finding the lost Ark of the Covenant ("An army which carries the Ark before it is invincible"). Years earlier, Indy had served as understudy for Professor Ravenwood at the University of Chicago. Jones knew of his unsuccessful search to uncover the Ark - to find a brass medallion-headpiece for the top of the staff of Ra which would pinpoint, in the map room in Tanis (in Egypt), the exact location of the Well of Souls - the Ark's final resting place. He had also had a relationship with Ravenwood's daughter Marion (Karen Allen).

To find Marion (and then her father), Jones boards a Pan American clipper sea plane for a flight westward over the Pacific from San Francisco to Hawaii, Wake Island, the Philippine Islands, and then to his final destination - Nepal. On his plane tracking him was evil Gestapo Major Arnold Toht (Ronald Lacey). The film's heroine, Jones' feisty ex-lover Marion was located in a Nepalese saloon, where he was first belted in the mouth for leaving her ten years earlier. He learned that Ravenwood was dead, and that Marion possessed the medallion. When Indy left to return the next day, she was confronted by Toht who also wanted the medallion. Indy came to her rescue with his trademark bullwhip and fought off Toht, but the saloon was set ablaze. Toht grabbed at the brass medallion heated up in the fire - and scars his hand with an indelible impression.

In Cairo, Indy and Marion meet with bearded Egyptian excavator Sallah (John Rhys-Davies), where they learned that the Germans were digging near the ancient Egyptian city of Tanis and had already found the map room. The pair were continually assaulted and tracked by the Nazis and other Arabs in the meantime. Eventually, Marion is kidnapped, although Indy believed she dies in a truck explosion. Afterwards, Indy meets German agent Belloq in an Arab bar, where the determined competitor tells him: "It's a transmitter. It's a radio for speaking to God." Later, Indy also learned that the Nazis had obtained a copy of the medallion from Toht's burned hand, but their calculations about the location of the Well of Souls were slightly off and misleading.

Disguised as an Arab, Indy infiltrates the Tanis dig site and enters undetected into the map room. With a beam of light shining through the medallion on the top of the staff, he determines the location of the Well of Souls in a miniature replica of the lost city built on the stone floor. With Sallah, the two seek out the location, and discover Marion held in a Nazi tent as a captive. Refusing to rescue her so that their presence would be undetected, they continued on to the Well of Souls location, where they find an opening into an asp-ridden chamber underground ("Snakes. Why'd it hafta be snakes?"). Meanwhile, Belloq attempts to bribe Marion with a white dress, and her attempt to escape by getting Belloq drunk was thwarted when Toht appears.

In the underground chamber, Sallah and Indy remove the top of the large protective stone chest that enclosed the Lost Ark. They lift the beautiful, rectangular-shaped, gold-overlaid Ark clear of its stone chest, into a wooden crate, and out of the chamber to the surface - where they are confronted and captured by the Nazis. Toht pushes Marion into the hole to be sealed inside the Well of Souls with Indy. Although their plight seemed hopeless, Indy figures out that the secret chamber was probably connected to other chambers already excavated by the Nazis. He crashes a tall statue into the wall, revealing more catacombs that lead to the outside.

They emerge in sight of the Flying Wing airplane with twirling propellers that would soon carry the Ark to Hitler. After fighting off a mechanic and a burly, bald opponent who meets his demise in the propellers, Indy destroys the plane in a massive fireball. The Nazis planned to load the Ark onto a canvas-topped truck bound for Cairo and then by plane to Berlin. Indy instructed Sallah: "Get back to Cairo. Get us some transport to England. Boat, plane, anything. Meet me at Omar's. Be ready for me. I'm going after that truck." Indy pursues the truck on horseback, subdues the truck driver and various other Nazis, and drives the truck into Cairo - where Sallah was awaiting his arrival.

A trustworthy ship captain named Mr. Katanga (George Harris) had been commissioned by Sallah at the Cairo waterfront docks to take the wounded Jones and Marion (and the Ark in the cargo hold) in an old tramp steamer named the Bantu Wind to England. During their journey, a wounded Indy and Marion experience a love scene together. The Bantu Wind is apprehended by a Nazi submarine - the Germans repossessed the Ark and seize Marion. Indy outwits the Nazis by riding on the top of the vessel, bound for a mysterious island in the middle of the Aegean Sea. Before sending the Ark to Hitler, Belloq explains to the uncomfortable German commandant that it must first be opened in a preliminary ceremony on a secluded part of the island.

Indy confronts the Nazis and threatens to blow up the Ark, but rather than risk Marion's life once more, he lowers his bazooka and surrenders to them. Indy and Marion are tied back-to-back to a stake, and watched from a few hundred feet away as the Ark is ceremonially brought into a small grotto. When the Ark (a Pandora's Box) is opened, Belloq discovers only dust inside - and the blinding light of the Ark conjured up hideous ghostly images. Piercing bolts of fiery lightning strike the Nazis in attendance, faces melt and explode. Indy and Marion are saved by not looking. After the scene of holocaust-like devastation, fire shoots out of the Ark toward the heavens, and then reverses itself - and the Ark cover shuts firmly.

In the final short scene, a warehouse worker pushes the crated Ark (marked "TOP SECRET, ARMY INTEL 9906753 DO NOT OPEN!") down an aisle in an enormous government warehouse, to be hidden away for permanent storage.

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