• I can’t stay away

    I Heart Cheryl got another refresh. I felt the dark colours weren’t cheerful enough. Her new marriage, her new single, forthcoming album… her fanlisting should be as effervescent as her life is right now. So go on and check it out. 🙂 … Keep reading
  • And another one

    More layout refreshes: Nicola, Sophie (also remixed some codes), Telephone, Sarkney, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? I think I’m finally pleased with how each individual listing looks and feels finally. I also incorporated Adsense and Amazon affiliates better. To me, it looks cleaner, more streamlined. I didn’t technically refresh the Muppets fanlisting but I did integrate an Amazon … Keep reading
  • Busy bee

    I am in the process of pulling all my photo galleries down. Plogger—while perfect for what I want it to do—has become buggy with all the advances in PHP. I have not found a suitable alternative. If you have any suggestions, please comment! Refreshes: Victoria Asher, Cinderella: [+] All Characters, Easy A, Hot Fuss, What Will the Neighbours Say?, The … Keep reading
  • Florence Welch

    I got the approval for this the same day I applied, yay! I had a lot of fun playing around in Photoshop Elements, whilst I created the layout and all. It reminded me how much fun I have doing this. I’ll be honest, I did lose my love for web and graphic design for awhile, due to extemporaneous elements in … Keep reading