• And another one

    More layout refreshes: Nicola, Sophie (also remixed some codes), Telephone, Sarkney, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? I think I’m finally pleased with how each individual listing looks and feels finally. I also incorporated Adsense and Amazon affiliates better. To me, it looks cleaner, more streamlined. I didn’t technically refresh the Muppets fanlisting but I did integrate an Amazon … Keep reading
  • Busy bee

    I am in the process of pulling all my photo galleries down. Plogger—while perfect for what I want it to do—has become buggy with all the advances in PHP. I have not found a suitable alternative. If you have any suggestions, please comment! Refreshes: Victoria Asher, Cinderella: [+] All Characters, Easy A, Hot Fuss, What Will the Neighbours Say?, The … Keep reading
  • Florence Welch

    I got the approval for this the same day I applied, yay! I had a lot of fun playing around in Photoshop Elements, whilst I created the layout and all. It reminded me how much fun I have doing this. I’ll be honest, I did lose my love for web and graphic design for awhile, due to extemporaneous elements in … Keep reading
  • Installed!

    Spent the last couple of days cleaning all the listings I’ve joined. What a to-do. I’m surprised how old some of them are; they still had metal-idol info on them! I’m glad I have time to play catch up too. Furthermore, new layout here at the collective, as well as new link back buttons. I added quite a bit of … Keep reading