• Refreshed

    I refreshed a few layouts for the following listings: Maleficent, Tron: Legacy OST, & Billy Wilder. I may do some more but we’ll see. I’ll edit this post if I do. 🙂 EDIT: I did a few more: Children of Men, Citizen Kane, Raiders of the Lost Ark, & Girls Aloud. I also skinned Girls Aloud. Whee! … Keep reading
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

    I nearly had a heart attack when I got this approval. I love this movie so much! Like, way too much. I saw it twice in theaters and preordered the digital copy. I honestly can’t wait until the sequel(s). There’s still so much of a story to tell. Now accepting all fans and affiliates for Manners Maketh Man. Please join!! … Keep reading
  • Contact form is back

    I finally got off my duff and readded the contact form here. The plugin I had for it was misbehaving so I took it offline for a few months. I went back to my tried and true Contact Form 7 by Takayuki Miyoshi. I’ve been using it for years on gpacheco.org. I thought I’d try something new but you know … Keep reading
  • Have Courage, Be Kind

    In case you were unaware, I opened Have Courage, Be Kind, the fanlisting for the live action Cinderella from earlier this year. I wasn’t happy with the original layout but I had to put something up within the time limit. I decided to revamp it today and I’m much more pleased with the layout. Please join! I’d love to have … Keep reading