• Have no fear, I’m still here

    Wow, I can’t believe 2015 is almost up and gone. I keep looking at the calendar, wondering where the time went! I’ve been busy with real life myself, but I’ve been keeping an eye on things here. Lotsa spam lately, quite sad. However, with the upcoming winter break, I plan to carve out some time for housekeeping, like light refreshes … Keep reading
  • Last 2 refreshes

    I’ve fine-tuned the rest of my collective. Took me awhile, but I’m pleased with the way everything looks now. The only major layout changes during this round were for Wonderful (the newly renamed Sophie Ellis-Bextor listing) and Change the Future, the Continuum fanlisting. … Keep reading
  • Refreshed

    I refreshed a few layouts for the following listings: Maleficent, Tron: Legacy OST, & Billy Wilder. I may do some more but we’ll see. I’ll edit this post if I do. 🙂 EDIT: I did a few more: Children of Men, Citizen Kane, Raiders of the Lost Ark, & Girls Aloud. I also skinned Girls Aloud. Whee! … Keep reading
  • Kingsman: The Secret Service

    I nearly had a heart attack when I got this approval. I love this movie so much! Like, way too much. I saw it twice in theaters and preordered the digital copy. I honestly can’t wait until the sequel(s). There’s still so much of a story to tell. Now accepting all fans and affiliates for Manners Maketh Man. Please join!! … Keep reading