• Welcome home!

    Many thanks to Megan for letting me readopt the New Super Mario Bros. Wii fanlisting. Please update your links when you can! … Keep reading
  • Spring cleaning at its finest

    Please check out my Adoptions page for the listings I have posted that someone could give a much better home for. I will miss these dearly and will be hella sad if I have to close these listings. Please apply! … Keep reading
  • Ta-dah!

    I’ve noticed a massive amount of spam I’ve been receiving to my TFL email. I decided to go ahead and change the email address associated with Banging Tune. I’ve updated it at TFL, as well as here on the site. I am dreading updating it at all my joined listings. But it may do me some good to see what … Keep reading
  • I’m here!

    I apologize again for the lack of updates and maintenance. It’s been a crazy year for me, as for some of you, I’m sure. Thanks for your patience and to TFL, I am updating everything as we speak! 🙂 … Keep reading