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  • Clive Owen as Theo Faron
  • Julianne Moore as Julian Taylor
  • Michael Caine as Jasper Palmer
  • Claire-Hope Ashitey as Kee
  • Chiwetel Ejiofor as Luke
  • Pam Ferris as Miriam
  • Danny Huston as Nigel
  • Charlie Hunnam as Patric

About 'Children of Men'

By 2027, no children have been born anywhere in the world for 18 years. Most governments have collapsed, leaving the United Kingdom one of the few (shown as the only) remaining organised societies. Millions of refugees enter the United Kingdom seeking asylum. In response, Britain becomes a militarised police state. The British Army rounds up and detains all illegal immigrants and suspected sympathisers. A suicide kit called Quietus is marketed on billboards, newspaper ads and television commercials.

Theo Faron (Clive Owen), a former activist turned apathetic bureaucrat, learns that the world's youngest person, an 18-year-old Argentine dubbed Baby Diego (Juan Gabriel Yacuzzi), has been stabbed to death in Buenos Aires in an altercation. Theo narrowly avoids a café bomb explosion attributed to the Fishes, an underground group advocating equal rights for illegal immigrants in Britain. It is later suggested that the bombings are actually committed by the government to "spread the fear".

Theo visits his friend, Jasper Palmer (Michael Caine), a former political cartoonist and aging hippie. Jasper lives in a secluded hideaway in the countryside and spends his time growing marijuana and caring for his catatonic wife, who was reportedly tortured by MI5.

Upon his return to London, Theo is kidnapped by the Fishes. Theo is surprised and happy to see their leader, his estranged wife Julian Taylor (Julianne Moore). They parted ways shortly after their young son died during a flu pandemic in 2008. Julian offers Theo money for help in obtaining a travel permit for a young refugee woman named Kee (Clare-Hope Ashitey). Initially ambivalent, Theo obtains a permit from his cousin Nigel (Danny Huston), a government minister, but it stipulates that bearer must be accompanied, so Theo agrees to escort Kee in exchange for more money.

Luke (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a member of the Fishes, drives Theo, Kee, Julian, and Miriam (Pam Ferris), a midwife, towards the coast for a rendezvous with a boat. They are ambushed by an armed group and Julian is fatally shot as they escape. When the police show up, two officers stop their car. Luke kills them. The group buries Julian in the forest, then take shelter in a safe house. With Julian dead, Luke is elected the new leader of the Fishes.

Kee reveals to Theo that she is pregnant, and that Julian told her she should only trust him. Julian had intended to hand Kee over to the Human Project, a group of scientists dedicated to curing infertility who are supposedly based in the Azores. However, with the police after them for the shooting, Luke proposes keeping Kee with the Fishes. She agrees to stay until after the baby is born. Theo suggests that they go public with the news of Kee's baby, but the Fishes argue that the child will be taken and used by the government.

Late that night, Theo awakens and accidentally eavesdrops on a meeting of Luke and other high-ranking members of the Fishes. He discovers that Julian's death was orchestrated by some of the Fishes themselves so they could use Kee's baby as a political tool to gain support for their upcoming revolution. Theo wakes Kee and Miriam; they steal a car and escape to Jasper's house. There, Miriam explains that the Human Project ship Tomorrow is scheduled to arrive offshore from the Bexhill refugee camp. Jasper proposes getting his friend Syd (Peter Mullan), a camp guard, to smuggle them in.

The Fishes find Jasper's hideout, but Theo, Miriam, and Kee get away. Jasper stays behind. Realising that his end is near, he gives Quietus to his wife and dog. He is murdered by Luke in cold blood, upon refusal to reveal where the others are. The trio meet Syd, who transports them to Bexhill as fake prisoners. When Kee begins having contractions while they are on the bus, Miriam distracts a suspicious guard by faking religious mania, and is dragged off the bus.

In Bexhill, Theo and Kee meet Syd's contact, Marichka (Oana Pellea). She provides them a room where Kee gives birth to a girl. The next day, Syd informs Theo and Kee that a full-scale uprising among the refugees has broken out. The Fishes have also broken into Bexhill and the Army is being mobilised. Having learned that they are wanted in the murders of the two policemen, and discovering the baby, Syd attempts to turn them in for the reward. With Marichka's help, they escape. Marichka then attempts to procure Theo and Kee a boat so they can rendezvous with the Tomorrow.

The Fishes capture Kee, but come under fire from troops supported by tanks and armoured vehicles; amid the chaos, Theo tracks Kee and her baby to an apartment building and frees them. Luke shoots at Theo as they make their escape but is killed by a tank shell. When the soldiers and the insurgents hear the baby crying, the fighting stops. Theo, Kee, and the baby walk past the awed combatants and building residents, before the fighting resumes.

Marichka leads them to a sewer and a boat, but refuses to join them. As Theo rows away, Kee discovers that Theo has been shot by Luke. She says she will name her baby "Dylan" after Theo's deceased son. From the boat, they witness a full-scale aerial bombing of Bexhill by Royal Air Force fighter-bombers. Theo slumps to the side of the boat as the Tomorrow emerges from the thick fog. Kee tells baby Dylan that "we're safe now" and softly sings a traditional Ga language lullaby called "Kaa Fo" ("Don't Cry"). The screen cuts to black to the sound of children's laughter.



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