And another one

More layout refreshes: Nicola, Sophie (also remixed some codes), Telephone, Sarkney, and Are You Afraid of the Dark? I think I’m finally pleased with how each individual listing looks and feels finally. I also incorporated Adsense and Amazon affiliates better. To me, it looks cleaner, more streamlined.

I didn’t technically refresh the Muppets fanlisting but I did integrate an Amazon store to help capture sales better.

I know a lot of people are iffy about putting paid ads on their websites. I say, “go for it.” As long as it integrates neatly, is unobtrusive and doesn’t overload the overall look of the site, why not? I make fanlistings for fun. I don’t think it’s too much to make some lettuce every once in awhile. I suppose if I went the aggressive route and slammed the whole site full of ads, I could make major coin. But that’s no fun for me or you, the user. So I chill out with my ads. A little one here, and there, and the random banner exchange of my own sites. Which is free but hopefully brings more traffic to them! Agree/disagree? Let me know. Discussion is always good.

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