Spent the last couple of days cleaning all the listings I’ve joined. What a to-do. I’m surprised how old some of them are; they still had metal-idol info on them! I’m glad I have time to play catch up too.

Furthermore, new layout here at the collective, as well as new link back buttons. I added quite a bit of content as well: individual about, adoption, affiliates/listed and wishlist pages. I installed a few scripts that I hope are still safe to install: KIM and FanUpdate. If my site goes awry at least I’ll know why. I’m a poet! Anybody want a peanut?

I gave Cheryl’s fanlisting a refresh because she got married last week and changed her name this week. I can’t keep up with her lol.

I also applied for a ton of kill-fors. A bit overzealous but I can handle it. I hope I get them!

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